Schools that successfully serve low-income students and students of color demonstrate that it is possible to dramatically change the trajectory of children’s lives, and these schools exist in places all over the country.

For more than a decade, we have worked to identify, honor, and draw critical lessons from schools that successfully serve low-income students and students of color — and to share those lessons broadly with the field.

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DTM_3Learn about the schools we have recognized with our Dispelling the Myth Award, which we give to schools that are defying the odds of a challenging academic environment and helping all students — particularly those of color and from low-income families — excel.

Schools that Succeed: How Educators Marshal the Power of Systems for Improvement (Harvard Education Press, 2017) takes readers on a journey of high-performing and rapidly improving schools to discover the careful way expert educators are able to marshal the full power of schools to help all their students learn at high levels. Schools that Succeed builds on Karin Chenoweth’s previous work studying successful schools with large populations of children from low-income families and children of color, but provides a new depth of insight and understanding that draws on more than a decade’s worth of work studying dozens of what Chenoweth calls “unexpected schools.” Schools that Succeed is available from Amazon and Harvard Education Press.
Read more on what we’ve learned from high-performing schools and their leaders.

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Karin Chenoweth Karin Chenoweth, our writer-in-residence, also shares stories at her Huffington Post blog.