By Jon Marcus, July 23, 2015.

CHICAGO — Bio 226. Math 125. At least a 2.75 grade-point average. Sixty-four credit hours for an AS. An 80 on an entrance test, or better, to transfer to a four-year university and get a BSN.

David Cruz reels off numbers, deadlines, acronyms, and the minimum requirements for Laura Ponce to finish community college and move on to a bachelor of science degree in nursing. He’s also printed them out in five neatly stacked and stapled piles of paper, with the courses she still needs to take highlighted in neon yellow.

It seems dauntingly convoluted, but it’s better than what many students get: almost no help at all in navigating the extreme complexity of college. They’re instead left to struggle through thick and indecipherable catalogs of thousands of courses and to figure out their own ways to graduation.

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