Not long ago I was in DeLisle Elementary School in Pass Christian, Miss., and met the person in charge of the cafeteria as she was setting out food for lunch.

A spate of terrible stories had just hit the news about school cafeteria workers ordering kids to throw food away because the students’ accounts were too low to cover the cost. Humiliated kids were sent away with a carton of milk and a piece of fruit, according to the stories.

I mentioned this to the cafeteria director, and she flared up, saying that she would rather get fired than take food away from a child. With two-thirds of Pass Christian’s children qualifying for free and reduced-price lunch and at least some needy families too proud to apply for the benefit, she is no stranger to the issue of hunger. “Those could be my children,” she said. Rather than throw out the food, she added, she would ask her friends and community for money to pay the children’s lunch bills.

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