Posted by Harold Levy on May 18, 2015.

While the Nevada Legislature has been grabbing headlines in recent weeks with a series of education reform bills, you might have missed the “report card” released by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation revealing how Nevada schools are woefully neglecting gifted students from low-income backgrounds.

It analyzed state-level policies and actual student performance to evaluate how well each state cultivates the skills of the most academically talented but economically vulnerable students. While no state received an “A,” Nevada didn’t even measure up by any measure, earning just a “C” for its policies and an abysmal “D+” for its student performances. It did, however, at least fare better than Arizona and California.

Whatever your views are of the contentious issues being debated in Carson City, everyone should agree that the poor grades Nevada received for its support (or lack thereof) for advanced learners from low-income backgrounds are unacceptable.

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