Posted by Rebecca Klein and Marcos Saldivar on May 7, 2015.

The 2015 National Teacher of the Year said she thinks now is a great time to [go] into education, even though she acknowledged many challenges educators today face.

“It’s sort of depressing because you don’t go into [teaching] for money, at all,” Shanna Peeples of Amarillo, Texas, said. “But there’s a point where you do have to feed your family. And I really don’t know any teacher that doesn’t work another job of some kind.”

The Council of Chief State School Officers named Peeples the 2015 Teacher of the Year late last month. Peeples, who teaches at Palo Duro High School, spoke to The Huffington Post this week — teacher appreciation week — about the current challenges facing teachers, why they often feel underappreciated and the students of whom she is most proud.

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