Posted by Kari Parsons, Samantha Brauner, and Kari Primo-Liddy on June 21, 2015.

We are Eugene parents whose children participated in the Smarter Balanced Assessments, the annual tests that replaced the old Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test this year. Like most of the parents who opted their children out of testing, we care immensely about our children’s educational experiences.

So why do we support participation?

Standardized tests cannot tell us everything, but they do provide crucial information about how our students are doing academically.

Opting out means educators and the public cannot know whether our children are at grade level in math and English, both over time and in comparison to the rest of the country.

Without test participation, when someone asks, “How do Eugene School District students compare to their peers elsewhere?” or “Have we narrowed the achievement gap?” we will have no answer.

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