By Koran Addo, June 28, 2015.

After taking a public relations beating over its lack of diversity last year, Washington University reported Friday that its incoming freshman class will be one of its most diverse in years.
While the university expects to welcome more Hispanic and low-income students this fall, the biggest projected jump is in the percentage of black freshmen expected to enroll — 9 percent, up from 5 percent of 2014’s freshman class.

The number of Hispanic freshmen is expected to jump to 8 percent, up from 6 percent last year. That means that if projections hold, 18 percent this fall’s freshman class would be either black or Hispanic.

The projected jump in low-income students — 11 percent up from 8 percent — puts the university on track to meet its goal of a campus where 13 percent of students come from low-income backgrounds by 2020.

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