Pell Grant Recipient Success in Arizona

Although, we found a large national gap between completion rates for Pell Grant recipients and non-Pell students — 51 percent vs. 65 percent, respectively — the institutional-level data tell a very different story.

The average gap within institutions is much smaller: 5.7 percent. In other words, at the average college in our sample, the low-income students who receive Pell support graduate at rates 5.7 percentage points below non-Pell recipients.

For each state we built a webpage that provides top-level data on institutions, as well as more comprehensive institution profiles, so you can dive in for more specifics.

6-Year Graduation Gap Between Pell and Non-Pell Students in Arizona

2013 Pell Grant Recipient 6-Year Graduation Rate in Arizona

2013 Non-Pell Grant Recipient 6-Year Graduation Rate in Arizona

Public Institutions

Private Nonprofit Institutions