Press Release

The Education Trust supports Strong American Schools’ campaign to engage the public during the 2008 election in a serious conversation about improving our schools.

Strengthening our schools isn’’t about partisanship; it’’s about doing what’’s right to close the achievement gaps that limit the potential of millions of young people to thrive in and contribute to a strong and prosperous America. The evidence is clear: all of our students can do better and given their fair share of the right teachers, the right expectations and the right resources, all students will do better.

For far too long, far too many White House hopefuls have gotten away with making abstract promises about better education. The Strong American Schools campaign recognizes that empty rhetoric does little to address the concerns of American parents or the needs of our students. In 2008, every candidate must offer concrete proposals to boost the quality of all of our schools and to eliminate the inequities in U.S. education.

The American people understand that what’s at stake is our future, pure and simple. We applaud Strong American Schools for confronting this issue head-on.