Press Release

Public schools in Alabama, Michigan, Nevada and New York recognized for success in educating low-income and minority students to high levels

WASHINGTON (October 31, 2011) — Today, The Education Trust announced the 2011 winners of the Dispelling the Myth Award. The award, now in its ninth year, recognizes public schools closing the achievement gap and educating all of their students to high levels.

The 2011 award winners are:

  • Baylor-Woodson Elementary School, Inkster, Mich.
  • Calcedeaver Elementary School, Mount Vernon, Ala.
  • Halle Hewetson Elementary School, Las Vegas
  • Icahn Charter School 1, New York City

This year’s winners demonstrate that schools of all kinds, and in every sort of community, can help their students achieve at high levels if they focus single mindedly on student success and leave nothing to chance.

The educators working in these schools produce strong results for their students because they teach them all to high levels, despite challenging circumstances outside of the school’s walls. They don’t ignore these circumstances; they overcome them.

“Each of these schools shows that, while this work is not easy, closing gaps and boosting achievement is within our power,” said Kati Haycock, president of The Education Trust. “The educators in these schools know that what they do can literally change the life trajectory of their students. Their unyielding commitment to working hard and smart pays off for the students they teach.”

These schools are an important reminder that, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, all students can shine academically. Dispelling the Myth schools share a few traits:

  •  A laser focus on strong instruction;
  • A thoughtful approach to using data to inform intervention strategies for students and staff; and
  • A devotion to broad, rich and rigorous curricula; and intervention programs, as needed.

This year’s winners will be recognized on Thursday, Nov. 3 in Washington, during a special event at The Education Trust’s 22nd annual national conference. Guided by the theme, “Leave Nothing to Chance: Closing Gaps and Raising Achievement,” the conference will gather dynamic educators, experts and policymakers to discuss successful strategies for increasing educational opportunity and achievement for all students.