The following assignments represent a range of middle school grades and subjects and were collected from schools with different student demographics. They fall within the low, mid and high range on our Literacy Assignments Analysis Framework. Assignments that fall within the high range are worthy of careful consideration as they – and assignments like them – hold much promise for middle school students. For each assignment, we first note how it scores on the framework and then list the details that support the scoring. In the second half of the annotation, we highlight particular key areas of the assignment that stood out for us and pose questions for you to consider.

Grade 6 Science

Seasons Writing Prompt

Grade 7 Science

Flower Structures Writing Prompt

Grade 7 ELA

End of Unit Writing Task

Grade 7 American History

Constitutional Convention Debates

Grade 8 ELA

Assignment A: Close Reading – First Read

Assignment B: Close Reading – Second Read/Vocabulary

Grade 8 History