“No matter your neighborhood or community or county, all Marylanders should have the opportunity to thrive and succeed — and that starts with ensuring the strength of our schools.”

– John B. King Jr., president and CEO of The Education Trust and 10th U.S. Secretary of Education

Maryland finally has an opportunity to ensure every child in every neighborhood succeeds

What's at Stake

Maryland has an opportunity this legislative session to strengthen its public school system for students, particularly those most underserved.

The Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education was created to improve Maryland’s public education system. Through the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, the Maryland General Assembly has an opportunity this legislative session to enact meaningful policies and provide equitable resources to benefit all students in the state.

The Education Trust is part of a coalition of civil rights organizations, community-based organizations, educators, and parents — the Maryland Alliance for Racial Equity in Education (MAREE) — that is focused on making racial equity in education real through the effective use of resources and thoughtful policy changes. We believe that we must make the investments in public education recommended by the Kirwan Commission and provide every student — regardless of race or zip code — with the supports they need to succeed.

If the state and school districts reject a one-size-fits-all approach and instead invest where resources are needed most, then all students — including students from racially diverse backgrounds, and those who need more academic, social or emotional support —will get a high-quality P-12 education and the tools for success after graduation.

Every Marylander should take an interest and engage in the conversation about the Kirwan recommendations. This is important not just for the future of the state’s workforce, but to protect students today and the students for generations to come.

Talk to a friend, a neighbor, a family member, or a classmate about the opportunity to invest in and secure Maryland’s future. The time is now.

To learn more, check out the following resources:

State of Public Education in Maryland

Maryland has long prided itself on its education system. A deeper look at the data, however, shows that statewide averages mask deep inequities in opportunity for certain groups of students.

To be clear, these disparities are a reflection of how we organize our schools and shortchange certain students when it comes to critical educational opportunities/resources from early childhood through high school.

5 Equity Recommendations

Over half of Maryland’s students are Black and Latino, and yet far fewer Black and Latino students are prepared for success compared to their white peers. These gaps are unsustainable for Maryland’s future.

Read the Maryland Alliance for Racial Equity in Education 5 recommendations.