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Jaime Ramirez-Mendoza

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Jaime Ramirez-Mendoza

Higher Education Policy Analyst

Jaime is a policy analyst on the higher education policy team, where he works with partners and experts to advance equitable policies around college affordability and student success at the federal, state, and institutional level.

Prior to joining The Education Trust, Jaime worked as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) intern at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he collaborated with the Senior Diversity & Inclusion Officer on strategic planning, programming, and data collection/analysis related to DEI. Before Harvard, Jaime worked as a college adviser for Destination College Advising Corps via UC Berkeley, where he strengthened the college-going culture at Will C. Wood High by providing college access information to first-generation students and students from low-income backgrounds.

A native of Smith River, California, Jaime holds a master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Higher Education, and a bachelor’s degree in Chicanx Studies and Managerial Economics from the University of California, Davis.

Nickname: Jimmy or Flaco

Weakness: Mi familia, mangos, tacos de adobada, and a good traditional bachata song.

Proudest Moment: When mi familia saw me graduate at UC Davis. After all the setbacks, sacrifices, long nights, homesickness, missed carne asadas, and tears, the plan my parents set out in Jalisco, Mexico came to fruition in that moment. Nothing can encapsulate the brilliance of mi familia, but that moment will forever be engrained in my memory.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?
Utilize my US passport privilege to travel, get to know people beyond the perceivable, and grow as a bachata dancer.

What drew you to education?
My personal and professional experiences navigating education as a first-generation, low-income, bilingual Latino male. I saw systematic oppression and inequity before I knew what to call it, as I am not the smartest in my group of Latinx friends, but the only one who had support to pursue a college degree. There was always this notion that I was the exception in education spaces rather than the standard. I want to change that narrative for the next generation of scholars, so they have the equitable support necessary to not just access higher education, but holistically thrive without feeling like they have to leave parts of themselves at the door to succeed.

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