Tell Us Your Story

The Education Trust lives and breathes education data and statistics. We know how powerful a tool data analysis can be in identifying, understanding, and working to raise academic achievement for all kids particularly for students of color and those from low-income backgrounds.

We also know that the data is only part of the story. The data can’t tell us how an advocacy organization achieved a major policy win, how a leadership team implemented change in their school or district to get more students ready for college and career, or how an amazing teacher continually inspires his students to reach higher. It can’t tell us of the struggles of a first-generation college student. And it can’t tell us the heartbreaking and all too common stories of students who have been lost in an inequitable educational system.

These are the stories that inspire and motivate. They remind us all of what is possible and what we can no longer tolerate — and why the work of educators, advocates, policymakers, parents, and students standing up for change is so important.

Consider sharing your story.

We may ask you to share your story through an interview with a reporter, at an event, with a policy maker, or even through an Ed Trust blog or report. We will always request your permission.

Tell us your story!

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