The Education Trust-Tennessee advocates for equitable education for historically-underserved students across the state. We believe in centering the voices of Tennessee students and families as we work alongside them for the future they deserve.

We bridge policy and community

We seek to influence policy in Tennessee by engaging and equipping key education stakeholders, including policymakers, thought leaders, practitioners, community groups, civic organizations, parents, and students. Student voice and leadership will be a central strategy for the Education Trust in Tennessee, ensuring that students are empowered to lead and offer solutions. Our goal is to drive a state conversation about how our public education system can better serve students of color and students from low-income backgrounds, pre-k through college.

We work alongside advocates

  • To draw attention to inequities in Tennessee by identifying and analyzing data that disproportionately impact underserved students across the state
  • To equip partners with actionable and accessible tools to advance better educational outcomes and opportunities for underserved students
  • To advocate for policies and practices that improve opportunities and outcomes for students of color, linguistically diverse students, students from economically-disadvantaged families, and students with disabilities
  • To empower students, families, and communities to build urgency and collective will for educational equity and justice

We believe

  • We believe that school and district accountability systems have the potential to serve as a powerful tool to help close gaps in achievement.
  • We believe that the equitable allocation and use of resources – people, time, and money – enable all children to reach empowering goals, no matter their race or income.
  • We believe that all students thrive when they have access to a strong and diverse teacher workforce.
  • We believe that a postsecondary degree is the ticket to achieving social and economic mobility, yet too few students are able to enroll in, afford, and complete college.

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