I’ve been lucky enough to visit all of Ed Trust’s Dispelling the Myth Award winners since 2005 (and even a couple from 2004), and together they give me a sense of hope about the enterprise of public education. I always wish I could take everyone I know to visit, because each one has something important to teach about how to educate our most vulnerable children.

I can’t drag everyone with me, but I do try to capture a little bit about them in my writings. (See, for example, How It’s Being Done: Urgent Lessons from Unexpected Schools.)

In this week’s Huffington Post column, I talk about the surprises I found at one of this year’s Dispelling the Myth Award winners — Arcadia Elementary School. Located in the great swath of the Chicago suburbs known as Southland, Arcadia demonstrates not only that low-income kids and kids of color can thrive academically, but they can have fun while doing it. Sledding parties, opera, and more are part of the regular curriculum.

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