Ed Trust is currently at the National Council of La Raza, or NCLR, annual conference in Los Angeles, where we are showcasing our College Results Online tool. Using that, we created an interactive map of the United States that plots hundreds of colleges and universities across the country and shows how well their students are doing: Do they graduate within six years? Are they burdened by student loans and defaulting within three years? Does the college enroll a fair percentage of Pell Grant-eligible students?

Red dots signify poor performance on one of these measures, and the warning sign (an exclamation point inside of a triangle) signifies the college has both a low graduation rate and a high default rate, meaning students aren’t finishing and can’t turn what postsecondary education they do get into good enough jobs to pay off their student loans. (Click on screenshot below for the interactive site.)

CRO map

At the conference, Ed Trust is meeting future college graduates and leaders of our country, who are telling us what access to college means for them. These are our youngest participants to date! And their sentiments are just as important. Hopefully, by the time they’re ready to go college, the above map will be populated with only green dots.


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