Syrita Steib-Martin and Annie Freitas cofounded Operation Restoration, a New Orleans-based organization that helps women who have been impacted by incarceration get the education and resources they need to reenter society and be successful. In this short video, they explain what educational justice means to them, what motivates them to serve this community, and why they support lifting the ban on Pell Grants for students who are incarcerated.

The Profiles in Education Equity series will feature individuals from our diverse network of national, state, and local advocates who represent business, civil rights, education reform, immigrant rights, and disability rights communities as well as parent leaders and equity-minded educators from across the country. By sharing their stories and insights, we not only highlight the hard work that these people do to advance educational equity and social justice, but also serve as a connector for those on the ground to learn from one another, and as a resource to support everyone who wants to become an education advocate.