Education Trust’s podcast, “ExtraOrdinary Districts,” illustrated that:

  • school leaders who believe in the capacity of all children, no matter what their background, are critical to improving schools; and
  • school leadership is a potential lever for change at scale.

But that just raises the next issue: How can we ensure that all schools have principals who believe in children and understand how to structure school around that belief?

To answer that question Education Trust assembled an expert panel of four people who have thought deeply about this.

  • Michelle Young, Executive Director, University Council of Educational Administration (moderator)
  • Ann O’Doherty, Director, Danforth Educational Leadership Program, University of Washington
  • Terrance Green, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Texas-Austin
  • Steven Tozer, Director, Center for Urban Education Leadership, University of Illinois-Chicago

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The Wallace FoundationExtraOrdinary Districts was made possible with a grant from The Wallace Foundation, which fosters improvements in learning and enrichment for children from low-income families and encourages efforts to improve the recruitment, training, and support of school leaders.