Check out College Results Online at This free interactive Web tool provides facts on college pricing, graduation rates, and much more to students, parents, school counselors, policymakers, and researchers.

You can select nearly any four-year college or university and compare its graduation rates with those of similar institutions serving similar students. College Results Online also lets you view graduation rates by student race, ethnicity, and gender. If you’re considering colleges, this feature can help you pick one whose track record increases your chances of earning a degree.

At College Results Online, you’ll find:

  • Graduation rates by students’ race, ethnicity, and gender;
  • Data on price and financial aid, including average net-price for low-income students and now the percent of undergraduates borrowing federal aid;
  • Updated indicators for colleges in the bottom 5 percent of graduation rates for four-year colleges nationwide and in the bottom 5 percent of working-class and low-income student enrollment; and
  • An advanced search function to find colleges by state, costs, student outcomes, and more.

Drawing on the nation’s most comprehensive federal database of college graduation rates, this database compares similar groups of colleges by considering 15 factors known to influence graduation rates. These factors include: student scores on college admissions tests, enrollment, funding, and percentage of low-income students on campus.

College Results Online will help you compare graduation rates at institutions across the country and choose the college that will provide you with the best value and chance of earning a degree. Please visit

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