Press Release

Improving the American educational system is hard work. Whether you are a teacher wrestling with implementation of Common Core standards, a principal struggling through the initial stages of school turnaround, or an advocate working to keep the legislators in your state from abandoning these new, higher standards, the work is tough. Join us this year in Baltimore, Nov. 13-14, to reinvigorate your spirit and prepare for the work ahead.

Sure, we know that there are small victories along the way. The newly confident gleam in the eyes of the child who finally masters the use of evidence in written argument. The elementary school team that finds hope and energy in a well-researched new approach to teaching literacy. The lawmaker who understands, finally, that the new standards are a framework for improvement, not a straitjacket.

The question, though, is “What will sustain folks between victories for the hard work along the way?” We believe we have an answer:

  • fellowship with others engaged in the exact same struggle in their own schools and communities
  • the opportunity to make our own work better by learning from the very best in the field
  • time away from the day-to-day fray to reflect on what we are learning and sharing that with others

Every year, the Ed Trust national conference brings together educators and activists from around the country for exactly these purposes. Come join us in Baltimore, we promise you’ll walk away inspired, informed, and connected — to all of us at the Ed Trust and to the larger community of tough-minded, caring educators and advocates who work every day for equity.

Together, we ARE the change.