Keith Dysarz and Joan Dabrowski, key members of Ed Trust’s team of content experts, explain more about the assignments we analyzed and what we learned in the process.

As a result of new, more rigorous college and career standards, many school leaders and educators are asking, “What does a college- and career-ready assignment look like?” Ed Trust answers that question in a new report and interactive assignment tool.

Checking In Update: More Assignments From Real Classrooms” is the second report in our Equity in Motion series. After we released our firstChecking In” report, school leaders and teachers specifically asked for more sample assignments. Now, we are delivering on that request — real assignments from middle school teachers in English language arts, science, and social studies/history classrooms across the country

In both the report and interactive tool, we examine the rigor of each assignment, highlight key components, and pose questions for educators to consider.

In response to feedback on our first report, we revised our Literacy Assignment Analysis Framework. Learn more about our revised Literacy Assignment Analysis Framework and how to use it.

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