In every state, our education system is doing far worse for low-income students and students of color than for their white or more affluent peers. To change these patterns, state leaders need to develop targeted improvement strategies based in a careful examination of the data.

The Ed Trust’s Education Watch State Reports can help serve that purpose. These state-specific reports provide key data on educational achievement and attainment for all groups of students. And, where possible, they compare states’ performance on important measures. While even our top-performing states aren’t where they need to be, they show what’s possible, and can point to evidence of what works to raise achievement for all groups of students.

Using these reports, policymakers, educators, advocates, and journalists can answer such questions as:

  • How does your state’s academic performance and improvement, by student group, compare with other states?
  • Are your state’s graduates prepared for college and careers?
  • How does the educational attainment of adults in your state compare to other states – and to other developed countries?

Click on the state links below to see the answers to these and other critical questions about how your state is performing.

Further Editions of Education Watch State Reports: 2003   2004   2006   2009

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