In Episode 2, we sit down with Tricia McManus, superintendent of Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, who says that her district is making the most of its relief money by using it to address pressing needs and invest for the future. She’s spending on everything from COVID mitigation and new curricula to contracting with community “violence interrupters” to help mentor and engage students. She is also hiring an evaluator to ensure that the district will be able to see what works and needs to be extended and what doesn’t and needs to be stopped. “I don’t believe we’ll ever have this opportunity again,” she says, adding that “This is a lot of money and we’ve got to be able to show some results.” We also talk with Dr. Tracy Epp, chief academic officer for Richmond Public Schools, and Tyra Harrison, executive director of teaching and learning for the district, who say that the infusion of federal funds has helped the district pump up its literacy program, which is now “on steroids,” thanks to a new literacy institute, investments in teacher training, a new reading program, and the purchase of classroom libraries and books for students to take home.