Press Release



Statement from Augustus Mays, Vice President for Partnerships and Engagement for EdTrust, on the Fiscal Year 2025 House Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Bill

WASHINGTON — “The House majority continues to pursue dangerous and harmful cuts to federal education programs that benefit millions of students nationwide. Cuts like these were so detrimental last year that they were opposed by EdTrust and dozens of educational organizations, and could not move forward on the House floor. Unfortunately, this year’s proposal is similar to last year’s failed approach.

“The legislation would enact a 13% cut to the Department of Education, including a 25% cut to Title I, draining resources from the school districts that serve the most students from low-income backgrounds and students of color. It would also eliminate dozens of programs, including several designed to diversify and strengthen our educator workforce, such as the Hawkins grant program. Additionally, the bill fails to increase the maximum Pell Grant award again, despite rising college costs and declining enrollment. Furthermore, amid heightened calls for campus racial climate supports and remedies, DEI policies are being dismantled on college campuses, putting vulnerable students at risk. Yet this bill does nothing to increase the Office of Civil Rights’ ability to address Title VI complaints. Finally, the bill contains several poison-pill riders that would end student debt relief for millions of Americans and terminate consumer protections aimed at reducing predatory programs known to take advantage of first-generation students and students from low-income backgrounds.

“Ahead of this week’s committee markup, we urge the House to reject these cuts and work with Senate partners and the administration to invest in our nation’s students and educators.”