Equity In Motion

Do Classroom Assignments Reflect College- and Career-Ready Standards?

In this series, we take a close look at how issues of equity are playing out in the daily activities of schools and educators. We aim to advance the work of practitioners and connect district, state, and federal actions aimed at improving education for low-income students with meaningful teaching and learning in schools. Our reports examine middle school classroom assignments to determine how well we are implementing more rigorous standards for college and career readiness.

Future work in this series will expand on findings from more schools and introduce tools and processes for educators to use as they work to implement high-level standards. Most important, however, work in this series will continue to ask how we can adjust our practices, systems, and policies so that low-income students and students of color are actually benefiting from these efforts.

Resources From Our Convenings - Equity In Motion: Growing All Students Through High-Quality Assignments

Equity In Motion

May 15-17, 2016

Baltimore, Maryland

Equity In Motion

July 18-20, 2017

New Orleans, Louisiana

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