The Education Trust hosted a half-day workshop, where we took a deep dive into some of the key dimensions of resource equity. View session recordings and resources below.

SESSION I: One year later: How states and districts are supporting student’s social, emotional and academic well-being with federal funds?

Participants will learn how states and school districts are using federal funds to accelerate student learning and support their social emotional well-being using evidence-based strategies to ensure students are set on the path toward college and career success.

SESSION II: Addressing Staffing Shortages: How to Ensure All Students Have Access to High-Quality Teaching

Participants will hear from The Education Trust and our partners at Education Resource Strategies about the biggest challenges facing districts and schools and learn more about creative strategies they can implement to accelerate students’ learning and ensure that all students have access to high-quality and diverse teachers. 

SESSION III: Beyond the Classroom: Prioritizing Wraparound Supports to Advance Student Equity

Participants will learn about essential components of wraparound supports, including access to health, housing, and nutrition services; which districts and states have implemented promising practices, especially for underserved students; and funding for these services.