Advocating for Funding and Resource Equity as Federal COVID Relief Ends

The last of the $190 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funds, distributed to states and school districts through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds, will end in September 2024. While this one-time emergency funding was intended to primarily address the immediate impact of the pandemic on student learning, districts used ESSER funds to help address a wide range of student needs. This included tutoring and summer learning programs, mental health supports, upgrading facilities, technology, and activities to re-engage students and their families.

As the clock ticks on ESSER funds, districts leaders will have to rewrite budgets without this federal aid, and in doing so, they must keep equity at the forefront, working to find other sources of funding for successful programs when possible. And when cuts are required, they need to be made in the way that minimizes harm to underserved student groups.

When these federal funds come to their expected end, school districts across the country will have to make significant adjustments to their budgets, and painful cuts seem inevitable for many districts. This loss could be especially devastating for students attending schools in high-poverty districts and districts with the largest percentage of students of color.

While schools continue to address longstanding inequities that were exposed and exacerbated by the pandemic, it’s essential that districts’ limited resources — including remaining ESSER funds — are being used to equitably address student needs. No students should have to suffer just because ESSER funding dries up.

EdTrust, the Alliance for Resource Equity (ARE) and partner organizations have created several resources for advocates to understand these issues and advocate with district and state leaders on behalf of students.


Advocacy Templates
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Advocacy Tools

Advocating Across Government: Identify key decisionmakers to appropriately target advocacy efforts (from Alliance For Resource Equity)

Casemaking Decks: Learn how to craft equity-centered messaging designed to spur district actions (from Alliance For Resource Equity)

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Blogs and Press

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