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Fierce advocates for the high academic achievement of all students – particularly those of color or living in poverty.

Equity-Driven Data-Centered Student-Focused

The Education Trust offers numerous resources for policymakers, educators, parents, community leaders, and others who share our goal of high academic achievement for all students. Transforming that vision into a reality takes meaningful data, models of success, and tools for change.


Access all of our in-depth data analysis, policy recommendations, and lessons from successful schools.

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Our staff often take to the road to share national, state, and local data highlighting how gaps in opportunity and achievement can be closed. Check out their presentations.

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If you’re looking for something evidence-backed and a little apart from the ordinary to spark honest, necessary conversations, build urgency, and remind people why their work is so important, an Ed Trust docudrama may be just the catalyst you’ve been seeking.

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Data Tools

We’ve developed a number of tools for educators, parents, advocates, policymakers, and students to help inform decision-making.

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Communicating data in compelling ways can be challenging. Let us help! Check out our lineup of engaging, data-rich infographics.

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Bring Ed Trust to You

While you’re doing the hard work of engaging schools and systems, and changing practices and policies, we’re here to support your work. Whether you’re changing hearts and minds in your school, district or state, we hope you will think of us as a resource.

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