ExtraOrdinary Districts: Lane, Oklahoma

Exposing and Learning from Success

A small, kindergarten-through-8th-grade district in rural Oklahoma, Lane was identified by Sean Reardon, Professor of Poverty and Inequality at Stanford University, as one of the few districts in the country that “grow” its students almost six academic years in five calendar years (Chicago, profiled in Season 1, is another). Since he identified it, Lane has improved its absolute achievement considerably.

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Lane Public School District, Oklahoma

PK-8 district
Total enrollment 274
White: 45%
Native American: 39%
Two or more: 12%
Hispanic: 3%
Asian: 1%
Students with disabilities: 27%
Economically disadvantaged: 80%

Source: Oklahoma School Report Card
Lane Elementary School principal Ashley Willis, Lane Superintendent Pam Mathews, and Lane director of special education Sharon Holcomb
Speech therapist Jessica Holder works with a four-year-old class on sounds, letters, and language development.
Special education coordinator Ann Richardson shows how the district tracks student progress.

Cottonwood Public School District

PK-8 district
Total Enrollment: 180
White: 36%
Native American: 31%
Two or more: 29%
Hispanic: 3%
Black: 1%
Economically disadvantaged: 61%
Students with disabilities: 32 %

Second-Grade Teacher Georgianne Looney
Cottonwood Superintendent John Daniel
Cottonwood Librarian Susan Eddings
Cottonwood Classroom