Press Release


Nicolle Grayson
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Amy Low

“Once again, the Trump administration turns its back on our most vulnerable and underserved students. Today’s recommendation to roll back guidance that would protect students from unfair, systemic school discipline practices is beyond disheartening. It is also shameful that this administration has chosen to ignore students, educators, families, and advocates who have repeatedly asked to keep this guidance in place.

“Students of color and students with disabilities are disproportionately affected by harsh and often unnecessary exclusionary discipline practices, as recent research from the U.S. Government Accountability Office confirms. Shockingly, we also know that corporal punishment in schools still exists in nearly 20 states. Studies have consistently found harsh exclusionary discipline and physical punishments are associated with negative long-term outcomes. We put this guidance in place to start a conversation about these harmful practices and encourage advocates and policymakers to look more deeply into why these disparities exist and to intervene when necessary.

“We believe that school should be a place where students feel safe and supported. With the current administration pushing an agenda that rarely (if ever) puts educators, students, families, and communities first, state and local advocates can ensure the safety of all students by remaining vigilant, monitoring the data in districts and schools, implementing practices that effectively address students’ social and emotional needs, and working together to disrupt a very real school-to-prison pipeline.”