Press Release

(Washington, D.C.) — The Education Trust has been named one of America’s Best Charities by Worth Magazine in its December/January 2003 issue. According to Worth, “Education is a highly politicized field, but ask education experts of all political ilks to identify the most effective advocate for poor and minority children, and they’ll say The Education Trust.”

Among education organizations, The Education Trust tops the list in spending the greatest percentage of its annual revenue on actual programs to improve education, and is among the top 10 of all 100 charities on that same measure.

For each $100 donated to The Education Trust, $92 goes directly to actual programs directly impacting low-income and minority students. The Education Trust staff works on an almost daily basis with education professionals, parents, community groups and business and civic leaders as they try to transform their schools and colleges into institutions that genuinely serve all students.

This list of 100 Best Charities consists of organizations that Worth identified as doing the most with their money to improve society. According to Worth, “we are confident that the charities on this list will spend your money wisely and willdo their best to change some of the grim facts of today’s world that we all face. ” There are more than 800,000 public charities in the U.S. The Worth list includes the top 100 Charities broken down into six categories: Education, Environment, Relief and Development, Health, Human Services, and the Arts.