Press Release

Ameshia Cross


The Education Trust Calls for Affirmative Action Advocates to Forge Ahead to Dismantle Barriers to Higher Education Despite Regressive Supreme Court Decision 

WASHINGTON — The recent Supreme Court decision to end affirmative action in college admissions is not only counterproductive to equal opportunity and diversity in higher education but raises concerns about the erosion of democratic values in our society.  

The Education Trust joins students, professors, educational leaders, and voices in impacted communities in sounding the alarm about the ramifications of this decision. By ignoring the enduring effects of systemic racism, the Supreme Court has undermined the progress made during the last half century to level the playing field for marginalized populations through the fostering of a more inclusive educational environment. 

“The importance of diversity in higher education cannot be overstated,” said Denise Forte, president and CEO of The Education Trust. “Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences enriches our educational environment, fosters critical thinking, and prepares students for the complexities of a global society. By disallowing the use of race as one factor of many in college admissions, the Supreme Court not only jeopardizes these benefits but undermines the civil society, intellectual growth, and educational outcomes of all students.”   

Recent polling shows that a majority of Americans approve of colleges allowing race to be a factor in admissions. No Supreme Court decision will change that. Moving forward, colleges and universities should not retreat from their commitment to equity. And Ed Trust will not retreat from advocating for a more fair and just higher education system.  What’s more, we encourage P-12 systems to maintain their role in creating pipelines of opportunity to help counterbalance the erasure of opportunity in higher ed. We will continue to advocate for change by ensuring the inequitable barriers students of color face in college admissions are eliminated.