Press Release

Statement from Denise Forte, interim CEO of The Education Trust, on the Fiscal Year 2022 House Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Bill

WASHINGTON (July 16, 2021) – “Ed Trust appreciates the much needed, targeted investments proposed in the House Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations bill approved by the House Appropriations Committee yesterday. The bill would increase funding for the U.S. Department of Education by 41% compared to the prior fiscal year, allowing for vital investments in Title I schools, student mental health, and programs to diversify our nation’s teacher workforce. The committee has proposed educational investments that will benefit all students, with a particular emphasis on serving Black, Latino, and Native students, and students from families with low-incomes, who are facing the harsh financial realities of the pandemic economy.

“A large part of the increased investment is an additional $19.5 billion for Title I schools, a substantial increase that doubles the size of that critical program. We agree with the committee’s statement that the Department should continue to help state and district leaders to remedy long-standing inequities in their existing school funding systems that too often provide the least funding to schools with the greatest need, and look forward to achieving this goal through both Departmental and Congressional action. Now is the time for meaningful changes to state and local funding policies to eliminate inequities for students of color and students from families with low-incomes.

“The bill also includes important educational investments in programs that can be used to support socio-emotional learning, increases funding for Teacher Quality Partnerships and the Augustus Hawkins Centers, programs designed to strengthen and diversify the teacher pipeline, and expands and invests in financial aid programs to better serve students from families with low-incomes and students of color.

“We look forward to working with Congress and the administration to build off this proposal and make these investments a reality. The Education Trust urges Congress and the President to pass this budget into law, making the essential investments we need on behalf of underserved students.”