We want to bring this conversation to the ground and connect it to the day-to-day concerns of parents with young learners. This is an age that requires lots of interactivity, physical engagement, and monitoring. A lot of their learning is focused on socializing / empathy-building – holding hands, hugs. Parents are also dealing with the stress of working and either finding someone to watch their kids or trying to work from home while helping to keep kids engaged with schools. Some issues that could come up are: What are ways parents can talk to young children about what’s going on? What are ways to create structure or consistency at home? What are ways parents can help their young children deal with stress? What are ways parents can deal with their own stress? What are ways parents can come together to help each other and pool resources?

Parent: Ms. Chrissie Fisher-Rollins, Parent of Pre-K student at Martin Behrman

Guest 1: Dr. Denise Shervington, Founder and CEO, Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies

Guest 2: Mr. Kenny Francis, Policy and Child Advocacy Director, Agenda for Children

IT TAKES A VILLAGE: CARING FOR COMMUNITY DURING COVID is a collaboration between Algiers Charter Schools Association, Black Education For New Orleans, and The Education Trust. It was an eight-week radio series intended to provide timely information and space for dialogue between educators and parents through the beginning of what was sure to be an unpredictable and challenging school year. Our goal with this show was to hold space for educators and parents to be in conversation with each other about critical issues related to getting back to school and build empathy and understanding as we move forward together.