We know that students, teachers, and families are all dealing with higher stress levels related to the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racial injustice. How do we proactively talk about what will be different as we get back to school and what can we do to make the environment supportive of teachers’ social-emotional health?

Parent: Ms. Amanda Hodges, Parent Landry-Walker

Guest 1: Ceasar Hendricks, Teacher, Algiers Charter School Association

Guest 2: Dr. Danielle Wright, Founder and Director, Navigate NOLA

IT TAKES A VILLAGE: CARING FOR COMMUNITY DURING COVID is a collaboration between Algiers Charter Schools Association, Black Education For New Orleans, and The Education Trust. It was an eight-week radio series intended to provide timely information and space for dialogue between educators and parents through the beginning of what was sure to be an unpredictable and challenging school year. Our goal with this show was to hold space for educators and parents to be in conversation with each other about critical issues related to getting back to school and build empathy and understanding as we move forward together.