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Malbert Smith III, Ph.D.
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Malbert Smith III, Ph.D.

CEO and co-founder, MetaMetrics

Malbert Smith III is the CEO and co-founder of MetaMetrics. Prior to MetaMetrics, he has worked on numerous research projects with the National Center for Education Statistics, the Gates Foundation, and others to study a myriad of issues such as summer reading loss, the effectiveness of the NAEP assessments, and English language learning. Malbert has taught graduate seminars at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he received the Distinguished Alumni Award. He is also a research professor at UNC’s School of Education, focusing on psychological and human development studies.

Why does education equity matter?
Our country will never reach its full potential unless we address education equity. Education equity needs to be a corner stone value that we all embrace.

Why are you passionate about being on EdTrust’s board?
Over the years, I have found the research and reports from EdTrust to be a beacon of light and insight into educational equity and excellence. I am excited to be a part of this effort and the mission of Ed Trust.