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Vanessa Garrett
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Vanessa Garrett

Justice Fellow

Vanessa’s field of work centers on providing unwavering support to currently and formerly incarcerated pregnant women. Drawing from over a decade of dedicated experience, she offers profound empathy and a comprehensive understanding of the challenges these women face within the legal system.

As a certified paralegal specializing in criminal, business, and family law, Vanessa brings a wealth of knowledge to her advocacy. Her involvement in research with the Harvard School of Public Health underscores her commitment to improving conditions for justice-involved individuals. Additionally, her role on Emory University’s Institutional Review Board and active participation in the University of Minnesota Community Council demonstrate her dedication to representing the voices of incarcerated persons.

Vanessa recognizes the transformative power of education and champions access to learning resources and academic programs that can empower these individuals to build better futures. Fluent in both Spanish and American Sign Language, Vanessa ensures inclusivity and accessibility in her support services. Beyond her professional life, she further enriches her skill set as a Certified Mama Glow Doula Trainee, Circle of Security Parenting facilitator, certified peer specialist, and forensic peer mentor. Through these roles, Vanessa not only offers practical assistance, but also fosters meaningful connections, advocates for systemic change, and empowers pregnant women impacted by incarceration to navigate their journey with dignity and support.

Vanessa’s dedication to advocating for currently and formerly incarcerated people reflects her unwavering commitment to promoting equity, justice, and opportunity for all. She not only uplifts individual lives, but also contributes to the creation of a more inclusive and equitable society.