This ongoing initiative examines how our nation’s schools are serving high-achieving students of color and low-income students. So far, we have published the following reports in our Shattering Expectations series, detailing our analysis and observations:

Highend GapBreaking the Glass Ceiling of Achievement” documents the country’s achievement trends over the past decade, finding that gaps at the lowest level of achievement have narrowed, while gaps at the advanced level have widened.
Missing AP and IBFinding America’s Missing AP and IB Students” highlights the gaps in Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) participation that plague our nation’s schools. It also shares lessons from schools and districts that have successfully increased the percentages of students taking these courses.
Falling Out of the LeadFalling Out of the Lead” examines the trajectories of initially high-achieving students of color and students from disadvantaged families as they progress through high school and beyond, and it draws on rich interviews with high-achieving students to highlight what schools can do to better serve them.

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