Press Release

September 29, 2023 


 Statement fromAugustus Mays, Vice President for Partnerships and Engagement of The Education Trust, on the House’s looming failure to fund the government and address students’ needs  

WASHINGTON — “Just a few months ago, we urged the House majority to stop playing political games with America’s future as they debated astronomical cuts to education. With another government shutdown imminent, their games continue full-throttled, as the supports that so many American families need are being threatened to appease the extreme right wing of the majority caucus.

“Terminating government funding could not be more ill-advised as the U.S. Department of Education is working through several key priorities, including restarting student loan repayments, simplifying the FAFSA, conducting rulemaking to erect consumer protections for students and cancel student debt, administering hundreds of vital programs, and protecting students’ civil rights through investigations and corrective actions. Furthermore, shutting down the government imperils the very students it is supposed to protect as required by federal civil rights laws. 

“Worse yet, this shutdown will hurt millions of American families by interrupting programs that feed millions needing assistance. It also hurts the nation’s students who need a well-funded, quality education by disrupting programs like Impact Aid and Head Start. A government shutdown, regardless of how long, is not a win for anyone. In fact, this shutdown will lead to preventable, long-term suffering, particularly for low-income communities and communities of color.  

“We urge the House to fund the government, provide the necessary investments to make our educational system more equitable and effective, and give families the resources they need to survive and thrive.”