Press Release

Statement From Denise Forte, Senior Vice President for Partnership and Engagement, on the Trump Administration’s Repeal of Gainful Employment

WASHINGTON (June 28, 2019) – Today, Denise Forte, senior vice president for partnership and engagement at The Education Trust, issued the following statement on the Trump administration’s decision to repeal “gainful employment” regulations for for-profit colleges and other colleges offering federally funded career training programs:

“The gainful employment rule was put in place to protect hundreds of thousands of students — often students of color, veterans, and students from low-income backgrounds — from predatory career-education programs that leave them with crushing debt and no degree, or with crushing debt and a worthless credential.

“The decision to completely repeal gainful employment is an attack on the students whom the U.S. Department of Education is trusted with protecting. Eliminating this rule will mean that predatory programs, many of them at for-profit colleges, will continue to access billions of federal dollars while harming students financially and leaving many with an empty promise of higher education.

“The need for a college degree has never been clearer; yet, this administration continues to put students at risk by leaving them exposed to bad actors.”