Press Release

WASHINGTON (December 10, 2015) — “We applaud President Obama along with Chairman Lamar Alexander, Ranking Member Patty Murray, Chairman John Kline, and Ranking Member Bobby Scott for reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, an update that was long overdue.

“While far from perfect, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) stays true to the core purpose of the federal role in education — expectations and supports to ensure that low-income students, students of color, English learners, and students with disabilities get the kind of education they need, and that we need them to have if our nation is to thrive.

“The law provides state and local leaders a new opportunity to step up and demonstrate their commitment to improving outcomes for vulnerable students. And it provides parents, communities, and advocates with leverage in their ongoing efforts to demand equity and accountability for all children.

“We look forward to working alongside advocates, community leaders, concerned educators, and state and district leaders to ensure that this new law represents a step forward in the journey toward educational justice.”