Press Release

Statement of John B. King Jr., President and CEO of The Education Trust, on the President’s FY18 Budget Request

WASHINGTON (05/23/17) – “The Trump administration’s budget request is an assault on the American Dream. This shortsighted and cruel proposal would make the climb to success much steeper for all our young people, especially students of color and students from low-income families. Instead of investing in the future, the proposal underfunds or eliminates many vital supports that give people the opportunities and tools to better their lives.

“If budgets are statements of values, this proposal tells us a lot. It does not value teachers or their professional development. It does not value the public schools that educate the vast majority of our nation’s students — including our most vulnerable students. It does not value the supports that make a difference toward students’ success. It does not value our young people’s preparation for college or the workplace. And it does not value adult learners who are trying to make ends meet to earn their degree. Indeed, this budget shows that the administration doesn’t value that which truly makes America great: a shared commitment to — and investment in — opportunity for all.

“We call on Congress to reject this budget request outright and, instead, craft a budget that reflects our country’s values and protects and supports opportunities for all young people.”