For nine years, College Results Online has been a resource for college-bound students, parents, school counselors, policymakers, and researchers. It allows you to select nearly any four-year college or university and compare its graduation rate with that of similar institutions serving similar students. Drawing on the nation’s most comprehensive federal database of college graduation rates, College Results Online also lets you view graduation rates by students’ race, ethnicity, and gender.

At College Results Online, you’ll find:

    • Graduation rates for over two thousand public, private non-profit, and private for-profit four-year colleges and universities
    • A search engine to find colleges near you and maps to locate each institution
    • An advanced search function to find colleges by state, costs, student outcomes, and more
    • A resource page with links on college admissions, financial aid, and the Education Trust’s latest research.

Now, brand new features take this interactive tool up a notch. New indicators identify colleges that are not living up to their core public missions: ensuring access for low-income students and graduating students. College Results Online now tags colleges that fall in the bottom 5 percent of four-year colleges nationwide for graduation rates or low-income student enrollment. And a new video tutorial walks users through all of the website’s features to identify colleges that are the best fit for students. If you’re considering colleges, this feature can help you pick one that will boost your chances of earning a degree.

Interested in learning more about Ed Trust’s College Results Online? Contact us to order copies of our College Decision Road Map, a step-by-step guide that helps students navigate this interactive Web tool.

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Published: July 30, 2014

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