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Alison McArthur

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Alison McArthur

Community Achieves

Alison McArthur is the Director of Community Achieves; the MNPS led community school initiative. Community Achieves, a division of Student Support Services, removes barriers to learning by identifying needs, cultivating relationships, and aligning supports to ensure school communities thrive. Development of the initiative began in 2012 and it received an Award for Excellence from the Coalition of Community Schools in 2017. Alison has been part of the team leading this work since its inception.

Prior to joining Student Support Services, Alison was at Glencliff High School where she taught various business courses for 13 years. In 2007 when MNPS started the redesign of high schools, she left the classroom to become an Academy Coach and be part of the redesign work. 

Alison holds a Master of Business Education degree and an Education Specialist degree in Administration and Supervision, both from Middle Tennessee State University.