When responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first consideration must always be the safety and health of everyone in the country.

For the latest information on the spread and response to the Coronavirus, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention resource page.

As an education equity organization, Ed Trust recognizes that America’s most vulnerable students are at particular risk while schools are closed.

So while school leaders, teachers, and parents and families continue adjusting plans and responses to the Coronavirus, Ed Trust will update this page with useful resources and information that keep equity at the forefront.

Featured Resources

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted education for all students, but has hit students from vulnerable and systemically neglected populations hardest.

In response, the federal government is providing an additional $125 billion to states and school districts through the American Recovery Plan Act (ARP) to address unfinished learning and to address students’ academic, social, and emotional needs.

State and district leaders must target these new resources to the students who need it most, and leverage this federal investment to drive significant change in our education system.

Recommendations for State Leaders to Advance Equity Using Funds from the American Rescue Plan

5 Questions to Ask Districts About How They Will Use New Federal Funding to Support Students

The potential impact of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act on equity will take several years to play out and we’ll be watching what states and districts are doing.

For now, check out all our Ed Trust resources on how much, where, and on what, this new federal investment in education can be used for.

Below are resources from around the country for parents and families, teachers, advocates, and policymakers to consider and use in responding to the Coronavirus.

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