To truly understand patterns of opportunity and achievement in America’s schools, we need more than just data — we also need to understand the stories behind the numbers. And some of the most powerful stories come from students.

We spend time talking to students in classrooms and mining large-scale datasets and research to better understand the educational experiences of students, with a focus on high school.

These lessons are distilled in:

Our Written Work

Echoes from the Gap Series

This series puts front and center the stories of students. These are the young people behind the numbers we look at in our districts, offices, and states, those whose lives are deeply affected by their educational experiences.

Between the Echoes Blog Series

This blog series shares shorter narratives that give readers an opportunity to examine educator practices and policies through the intimate lens of student experience.

Shattering Expectations Series

In this series, we are producing reports focused on shattering the glass ceiling of achievement that has existed for far too long for our low-income students and students of color.

Our Docudramas

Based entirely on interviews with students and educators, Ed Trust docudramas are created and performed by our senior playwright-researcher to examine issues through student perspectives, to spark honest, necessary conversations in schools and communities.

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