Press Release

WASHINGTON — Today, John B. King Jr., president and CEO of The Education Trust, issued the following statement on the Trump administration’s proposed public charge rule:

“I am deeply disappointed by the Trump administration’s proposed public charge rule that would threaten immigrant families by imposing cruel burdens on access to basic needs like Medicaid, food stamps, and housing assistance.

“Today’s submission of the draft rule is, sadly, part of a horrific pattern by this administration to dismantle immigrants’ rights and inflict trauma on immigrant children and families. For schools and communities, this rule would undoubtedly translate into more students struggling with hunger, homelessness, and illness. Students will also continue to live in constant fear that they and/or their family members will face deportation.

“The very fabric of our nation was threaded by the hands of immigrants, who today should not be penalized because they face economic challenges, but instead should have the opportunity to contribute to their families and the future prosperity of our nation. Advocates should stay vigilant and take advantage of the public comment period to help protect immigrant families.”