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William Freeman III

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William Freeman III

William Freeman served more than 20 years in prison, where he discovered the transformative power of higher education by attending Goucher’s Prison Education Partnership (GPEP). Upon his release, he transferred to Goucher’s main campus, where he completed his bachelor’s degree majoring in sociology and anthropology. He is a program coordinator for From Prison Cells to Ph.D. (P2P) and a Fred Patrick Fellow for the Vera Institute of Justice.

Interests at the intersection of higher education and the criminal legal system

Government (state) allotments are skewed in favor of privileged communities, which makes quality education a privilege (the value gap). Curricula should be centered around students — controlling for race and gender identity so that students think of themselves as capable agents in their own lives.

Expectations or goals for the Fellowship?

“My first goal: to be a part of a team that would rather experience a loss than to dilute our proposed policy so much that we no longer recognize the language just to celebrate a victory. Second goal: to clear a path for our successors that would allow them to advance past our efforts. Third goal: to start a conversation to organize a formerly incarcerated/criminal justice involved person voting bloc. Fourth goal: to become a thorn in the side of socially liberal but fiscally conservative folks (i.e., to enhance my researcher skills with an emphasis centered around interpreting biased fiscal policies). Last goal: to learn as much as I can through this experience.”