As adults, we’re told of the importance of starting our days with breakfast — to get our metabolism going, to give us energy, to help us focus. Not surprisingly, these reasons apply to children as well, but far too many of them come to school hungry, which can make it difficult for them stay on task.

Children who start their day with breakfast at school, on the other hand, demonstrate higher achievement, better attendance, fewer behavior problems, and an improved diet. Children who don’t are at a disadvantage, which is why the School Breakfast Program is so important. In light of back-to-school time, we’d like to highlight a few resources that illustrate the impact of school breakfast and the ongoing efforts to deliver it to more students nationally:

Improving the educational outcomes for all students includes a lot of factors, but school breakfast is an easy way to give them the foundation they need to reach success. Let’s not forget that as students head back to school this month.